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Quality Assurance Machanisms

Our institution has a number of quality assurance mechanisms which include but are not limited to the following; Internal and external moderation of examination to ensure that our students are given examinations which are of set standards.

The pursuit for excellence and learner satisfaction represents a historic commitment and foundation of important higher education milestones relating to quality and accountability. Thus, ensuring quality in teaching and learning is a fundamental responsibility of every higher education institution. Quality assurance and management is a critical aspect of teaching and learning. As part of our objectives, we seek to provide adequate resources for quality education, training, research and consultancy based on national principles and values, thus serving and meeting the changing needs of society by providing quality higher education in Botswana and beyond.

Internal Quality Assurance Mechanisms

Internal Quality Assurance mechanisms utilized by the college takes the form of departmental moderation of examination papers by peers, vetting by the Academic Board, and then the Academic Council. Also, quality assessment of a lecturer's teaching by students is done through student-lecture evaluations. These are done to gather information on the experiences and perceptions of students. The survey is carried out by the office of the Academic Registrar.

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External Quality Assurance Mechanisms

External Quality Assurance measures comprise a system of engaging external moderators to vet examinations. Another mechanism is that of accreditation –done by an independent body to assess and certify training institutions and all academic programme offerings. Such regulatory bodies include the Botswana Qualification Authority, Botswana Health Professions Council.

As a School, we are continually reviewing our quality assurance mechanisms to improve quality and address emerging challenges. Other quality assurance mechanisms or approaches that will be introduced in the future are auditing by peers, training workshops of staff around quality assurance measures so as to meet the quality standards required, monitoring and evaluation of these mechanisms to ensure that high quality standards in teaching and learning are maintained.