International Student

Boitekanelo College has a dynamic and interactive campus community. Here, students have many opportunities to participate in activities and organizations that support their academic, cultural, social, spiritual, political, and athletic interests and preferences.

Boitekanelo College has long held that educating our students to think globally about themselves and their place in the world is an important characteristic of an Boitekanelo education.

We Give Great Opportunities

If you are a visiting student, before arriving you will have established what study/research you can undertake at Boitekanelo. If your home institution requires a record of your time here, you must ensure this is discussed and agreed before any arrangement is finalised. As a visiting student you have access to Boitekanelo facilities.

The Collage provides strong support for your personal, professional and career development and consequently provides information and opportunities to enhance and develop your skills to help you achieve your full potential, both personally and professionally.

The way we teach, the assessment methods used, the emphasis on independent and self-directed learning may be very different to what you are used to and so your course handbook might help you understand what the course involves (e.g. course structure, teaching approach, academic conventions, methods of assessment) and what is expected from you.


Boitekanelo is one of the best Collage in the world in terms of its academic reputation. Study life is intense and intellectually demanding and we place great emphasis on independent and self-directed learning.

Tuition fees

Boitekanelo is one of the more affordable of the traditional collage cities meaning you'll have more to spend exploring the UK and Europe.

Scholarship fund

In recognition of the outstanding talent of many international students, Boitekanelo Collage offers a highly prestigious International Scholarship Fund, designed to attract and reward the brightest students.

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