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College Governance

Boitekanelo College enjoys a strong tradition of shared governance. In addition to the president and her cabinet, the college’s governance includes the Board of Trustees, the Faculty Senate and administrative committees. Day-to-day student government is overseen by the Associated Students of Boitekanelo College Council.

Boitekanelo College of Medical is governed by a Board of Governors whose functions is to facilitate thesmooth progress of the college in the actualization of its goals and objectives. Its membership includes highly qualified academics and trainers among others. It has powers to make rules and regulations aimed at enhancing the goals, aims and objectives of the college.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the ultimate governing body of Boitekanelo College. In its fiduciary role, the board holds title to the College’s properties, and manages and allocates funds to fulfill the College’s educational mission and provide for its future. The board is responsible for determining the broad policies under which College operates, approving operating plans proposed by the president, granting degrees and, through delegated authority, for appointing the faculty and appointing trainer.

The Board has an active program of trustee annual giving, with participation by 100 percent of the trustees. In addition to annual giving, the trustees, both individually and as a group, have been generous supporters of recent capital campaigns.

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Faculty Governance

Boitekanelo College of shared governance makes it a responsibility of faculty to share with the administration the day-to-day governance of the university. There are four institutions of faculty governance with different sets of responsibilities :

Faculty Senate

Secretary of the faculty

Collage faculty councils

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Student Governance

The Boitekanelo College is fully committed to serving the collective interests of the student body. In this capacity, we serve as the official student voice to administration, the College System Board of Regents, and other governmental entities.student governance gets exposed to :



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