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Top Hat at Boitekanelo College

Boitekanelo College (BC) has an official partnership with Top Hat as the colleges centrally supported active learning technology.

Top Hats active learning technology helps lecturers engage students before, during and after class. Top Hat helps you engage students in and out of the classroom through cutting-edge polling software, low-cost interactive content, flexible homework systems, and secure test-taking solutions. Top Hat also offers instructional design services to prep courses, train and work one-on-one with instructors to ensure they’re fully ready to use Top Hat for first day of class and beyond.

BC students will have access to the full Top Hat platform including Classroom, Assignment and Test for free. Low-cost textbooks and free resources are also available to use with the platform and are chosen by the lecturer.

Benefits of Using Top Hat

- Assess your students using advanced question types

- Deliver interactive lectures

- Administer assignments, quizzes and exams in a single unified platform

- Track student progress and attendance in the Top Hat gradebook

- Receive industry-leading support for lecturers and students

- Sync grades directly to [Enter LMS System e.g. Blackboard]

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Getting Started with Top Hat

For Faculty

To schedule a personalized demonstration or learn more about implementing Top Hat in your course, complete the form below. Top Hat’s dedicated Education Technology Specialist will get in touch with you.

[So that Top Hat can respond to faculty in a timely way, we can provide a custom code to create an intake form that sends contact information directly to Top Hat for follow-up]

If you need help signing up, contact [insert institution contact person].

Instructors can also find resources and how-to’s in the Top Hat Success Center.

Information for faculty:

- Creating your lecturers account and courses

- Inviting your students to your course

- Accessing your course roster from the LMS

For Students

Visit our student’s webpage at for more information.

If you need assistance with your Top Hat account or subscription please contact Top Hat’s support team directly at or call 1-888-663-5491.

Information for students:

- Create an account with Top Hat

- Purchase a Top Hat subscription

- Review the Student Quick Start Guide

Top Hat

When you adopt Top Hat, you get access to our full platform including:

- Classroom

- Assignment

- Test

- PLUS low and no-cost textbooks from Top Hat’s Marketplace

In addition you also get access to Top Hat’s gradebook to record and track student responses across in-class questions and discussions, homework assignments, tests and quizzes.

Read below for more information on each aspect of the Top Hat platform.


Top Hat Classroom allows you to:

- Leverage students’ devices in class to increase participation

- Upload your slides easily and embed interactive questions

- Automate attendance, participation tracking and grading

- Involve every student in live discussions

- Gauge student comprehension through real-time feedback

Watch this video to learn how to ask questions, launch discussions and take attendance in your class.

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Top Hat Assignment, allows you to:

- Easily create, assign, and customize auto-graded homework

- Provide additional support to students by personalizing homework questions with hints and feedback

- Provide students low-stakes learning options by assigning ungraded homework via Review mode

Watch this video to learn how to create your first assignment.

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Top Hat Test allows you to:

- Securely administer quizzes, tests and exams in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment

- Prevent cheating through behavioral algorithms that monitor student activity patterns

- Review real-time proctor reports

- Auto-grade exams in seconds, with results made available in your gradebook

- Watch this video to learn how to create and facilitate a secure Top Hat Test into your course.

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You also have the option to adopt and customize one of Top Hat’s free or low-cost interactive textbooks and course materials. Check out the Top Hat Marketplace to choose one that aligns with your course objectives or create own of your own.

Top Hat Textbook allows you to:

- Easily adopt and customize high quality and interactive textbooks and course materials

- Embed questions and assessments to gauge student comprehension

- Keep information relevant and up-to-date

- Make education more affordable for your students with a free or low-cost solution

Watch this video to learn how to integrate a Top Hat textbook into your course.

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Top Hat Gradebook allows you to:

- View all in-class questions and discussions, assignments, tests and attendance records in one holistic view

- Quickly search for individual student results

- Edit grades with keyboard commands

- Easily derive insights and trends related to student performance and adjust lesson plans accordingly

- Export grades instantaneously into an external spreadsheet or sync with [Enter LMS System e.g. Blackboard]

- Watch this video to learn how to analyze student progress and manage grades effectively in your Top Hat Gradebook.

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If you have any questions please contact Top Hat’s support team directly at or call 1-888-663-5491.