The School of Allied Health brings together specialists in the areas of Health Care Assistance, Plaster technology, Dental Surgery Assisting, Counselling and Emergency Medical Care, Nutrition and Dietetics and Clinical Technology. The school has an excellent national and international reputation with students from Botswana and the Southern African region. The school is committed to educating students to meet the demands of their respective professions. Particular emphasis is placed on creating an environment which facilitates the development of effective health professionals who are analytical and reflective. Students are also encouraged to use evidence-based practice to guide their clinical reasoning and to meet the changing needs within health and social care today and in the future. We have invested in state of the art facilities to enhance learner centered educational philosophies and continue to thrive as the center for clinical excellence.

Our Department

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Botswana is a country with unique needs and situations however still in need of a well-structured out of hospital systems, properly equipped and qualified individuals to attend to the needs of the sick and injured. One of the challenges the country is currently facing and trying to combat tirelessly is the high mortality of citizens on the roads, prior to reaching a health facility.

  • BSc. Degree in Emergency Medical Care
  • Diploma in Emergency Care Technology
  • Certificate in Emergency Medical Care
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Counseling operates within the context of “the helping professions”. Graduates from this field will provide services such as counseling, psycho-education, social support, training and conducting workshop. This career offers tools for understanding, connecting and helping people that can be used to promote self-awareness and self-improvement and to enhance all aspects of life, including interpersonal relations, coping with stress, and problem solving. Practitioners in this field provide services to a range of sectors including the public service in the clinics, hospitals, and the non-governmental sectors. The field of counselling is a growing profession in Botswana.

  • BA. Degree in Counselling
  • Diploma in Counselling
  • Certificate in Counselling
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Technological innovation in the field of medicine and healthcare is accelerating at an enormous pace. The modern hospital is now the centre of technologically sophisticated healthcare system, and this requires equally technologically sophisticated staff. Clinical technologists are intimately involved in the practical application of physics, engineering and technology to clinical practice, and are instrumental in bridging the gap between clinicians and engineers.

  • National Diploma in Clinical Techonology
  • Certificate in Plaster Techonology
  • Certificate in Dental Surgery Assisting
  • Certificate in Healthcare Assistance
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As Botswana continues to fight the HIV/AIDS and there has been an increase in disease pattern, the changing disease trends and overburden of chronic diseases, therefore there is critical need for clinical/applied nutrition. This qualification is designed to meet the core purpose of nutrition and dietetics as a profession. The College's Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and Nutrition combines all the three components, i.e. clinical evaluation, community concerns, and food service management.

  • BSc. Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics